I work hard to honor the correlation between what I give and what I receive. 
A celebration of our accomplishments, big and small.
How do we return to normal when we’ve been moving mountains?
A short reflection on how it started, what is working, what I’m learning, and where it’s going.
This is a tale as old as time. The one between a woman, her weight, and all it carries.
But we should. Here is a simple(r) guide for the rest of us.
Once you learn the language, you can speak through your food, communicating things we don’t always say: I love you. I’m sorry. I’m thinking of you.
A gift guide, just for us.
When your never-look-back moment arrives, you might want to see it and feel it forever.
I started to think about music that I subconsciously affix to certain periods in my life. Then, in an aptitude test of memory and emotion, I tuned in.
This COVID is different
Here we are again. The end of another year that feels familiar in ways we would not want it to. It’s astonishing how fast things change. Last week, we…